Life, 101

Sit back, and let me drop some knowledge.
It’s whack, but I’m kinda like the new college.
And finals are everyday,
As you stumble away,
Through the lies, the hypocracy,
Smiles, cries, mixed theology.
Life today isn’t about living,
Just throw aways, and always giving
To those who already have too much,
To those completely out of touch,
With what all of THIS, is all about.
Wait, cut – I’m sensing some doubt…
Don’t believe me,
Well honestly, you really can’t.
You can’t conceive me,
Or my rightous rant.
I only know my path, not yours,
Only speak my wrath, my cures.
Ok then, here’s a little advice:
Trust you, and don’t think twice,
See what’s there, with your own eyes,
Build a questionnaire, and reject lies,
Believe absolutely NOTHING they tell you,
All you really have in the end…well…is you.


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