Amelia Lynn Najlepszy is a Creative living in Cleveland, Ohio. Her areas of creation include photography, drawing, painting, design, marketing, copy writing, branding, digital art, jewelry making, creative writing, & typography. For her, as with all creatives, to live is to create and to create is to live. She sees the world differently, and has developed her technical skills in order to make her vision more visible to others. These technical skills combined with her creative nature also enable her to envision and implement successful marketing and branding strategies.

Currently she works as a digital artist for Gardia Corporation, located in the Kamms Corners area of Cleveland. Her responsibilities include the creation of marketing materials, product photography, designs for customers and original window film patterns for sale on windowfilmandmore.com and remlor.com.

Formerly she worked as the in-house graphic designer for Dodd Camera, where she contributed to the re-branding of the company and worked on various print and web marketing projects. She also worked with Brickstone Tavern as a design and marketing consultant, as well as several other Cleveland area businesses


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